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Died Young, Stayed Pretty peels back the paper curtain and looks behind the scenes of the underground poster movement. These graphic banditos roam the streets, plastering their work to every available surface. Under the guise of advertising rock shows, these unheralded masters of the silkscreen and xerox machine carry on public discourses on the merits [...]

Back in the early 1980s, Dieter Rams was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him – “an impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises.” Aware that he was a significant contributor to that world, he asked himself an important question: is my design good design? Read the rest at:Good design: The [...]

“1983 is not a personal blog, but more a journal/scrapbook of design related references and resources. In turn designers like you might also find a few of my links or posts useful!” – Kenny Wan Definitely Checkout: 1983

For 5 years, Digital Abstracts has been a design community that strives to deliver a unique blend of content, discussion and creative inspiration to its army of readers. It is this very loyal audience that is contributing towards the growth of DigitalAbstracts and paving the way to its bright digital future. As with most design [...]

Creative folk share the stuff on their desks. Check Out: On My Desk Also Check Out Creator of On My Desk Linzie Hunter LINZIE has a broad arts background, having studied Theatre/ Art History at The University of Glasgow, Scotland and Illustration at The Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. Linzie’s illustrations appear in [...]

The Daily Visual Effects News Collection – All News and Articles for the VFX Professional from all most popular VFX Sites. Visit: VFXY News

Ads of the World is an advertising archive, forum, blog and news page discussing great work worldwide. Check Out: Ads of the World | Daily Creative Fix is a professional blog and community site for graphic designers working on Mac OS X. It’s objective is to provide graphic designers a professional forum where they can share tips and tricks, follow up on the industry’s events and ask for help and critique from fellow members. Visit: creativebits | mac design community

Favourite website awards. Web Awards recognising the very best in cutting edge website design. Visit: The FWA


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9 Jan 2009

“The first version of lookom was published 08/02/2002. Since that day filters the web and saves websites which are special in at least one sector i.e. flash, grafics… That means that all sites shown on lookom are a little different and actually i like them all.” – Michael Wessel Check Out: lookom™

Moluv’s Picks

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7 Jan 2009

“Basically, what the name means is that moluv is a place where the love of art, graphics, design, and love for the creators of these pieces can be acknowledged. So keep up the good work kids, and keep showing off those skills, before I have to get biblical on your asses. ” – Maurice Wright [...]

LOUNGE72™ was founded in early 2002 by Kai Heuser and Antonio Vasile in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany as a non-profit online design portal, community and ezine.The aim was to get more involved in the global online design scene and give something back to the community. Check Out: LOUNGE72™

Design is Kinky

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4 Jan 2009

A digital publication geared to graphic design in all media. Profiles, mug shots, theory and galleries. Check Out: Design is Kinky


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3 Jan 2009

Your free online color matching toolbox Free online tool for color palette design and color matching. Check Out:

Kaliber10000 (K10k) is an independent, non-commercial web zine which strives to inspire, to provoke, to allow both others & ourselves the joy of having full artistic freedom – to give people a break, and re-charge their batteries. K10k is built up around the weekly "issue" – an experiment-like format where anything goes, and where designers [...]

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  • Mehndi Patterns: nice and creative work you have done.can any one here know any mehndi artist which is widely used in [...]
  • Yannick Wijnants: Great work, rainbow-colours, illusions, thoughts, etc. Emotional subjects casted in a rigid form. [...]
  • José: Hi, Simple, creative and effective. Great work. Best regards, José [...]
  • Curious Artist is For Sale! - Curious Artist: [...] Say Hello [...] [...]
  • fan: Hey just so you know the video you posted is actually a remix of the original Pinball songs. You can [...]

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