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About Archinect Mission: The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines. Background: Archinect was initially developed in 1997 by Paul Petrunia. The site has since become a top online destination for progressive-design oriented students, architects, educators, [...]

Jessica’s site has been upated with a FRESH navigation and New content. Jessica Oldham started her repping agency with photographers Melissa Mahoney and Andrew Swaine. More recently she has expanded her roster by signing Michael Bonacci, William Brinson, and Emiliano Granado from New York. Photography by Melissa Mahoney/Boston Originally from Boston, Jessica graduated from Boston [...]

WEFAIL have cried too many times over Graphic Design, but they won’t be fooled again. Check Out: WEFAIL

Check Out: The Mill – Sky TV on BEAM.TV The Mill worked hand in hand with brand & identity company Venture Three, who wanted to create five “feelings” which had their own character. Each one was based on an emotion: Intense, Euphoric, Alive, Hot, and Serene. We also wanted to reflect what HD delivers – [...]


vector scientists…perpetually sharpening the cutting edge Visit: tokyoplastic v.2

Through multiple mediums ranging from Motion Graphics and Sound Design to Live-Action Directing and 3D, Syndrome promises a distinct expression from concept to final delivery. :: SYNDROME STUDIO ::

The Ashy Agency – Broadcast and New Media Strategies Visit: The Ashy Agency

Founded in 2002 Qube Konstrukt has rapidly established itself as a leading multi-disciplinary design studio. “We place a strong emphasis on experimentation, collaboration and research, with a dedication to developing unique and highly creative output across various mediums.” – Qube Konstrukt. Check Out: Qube Konstrukt


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13 Jan 2009

Graphic design for identity, web design, multimedia and print. Developers of Intabuy Storefront e-commerce software. Check Out: Un.titled

The Cannibal Flower Art Gallery and Performance Space is a once-a-month, portable venue for the arts that showcases art, music, dance, film, projections, magic and fashion shows. It started in 2000 as a means for a group of friends to showcase their art and music without having to deal with the politics of the conventional [...]

The Jewelboxing System includes Super Jewel Box King cases, perforated insert books, perforated and scored tray liners, high-quality adhesive disc labels, and software-specfic templates for leading design and publishing programs. Check Out: Jewelboxing – Super Jewel Box Packaging System

View: Pleix films – BIRDS “Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Some of us are 3D artists, some others are musicians or graphic designers. This website is the perfect place to share our latest creations.” – Pleix films Visit: Pleix films

The Heads of State design: posters, packaging, logos, bumper stickers, what have you. No job is too small, no fee is to big. Visit: The Heads of State

“Who am I? Alive, human, flesh & blood, skin & bone…deeper even, I am molecules & atoms, protons & electrons…Energy. Who are you? The same as I, a human be-ing made up of all the same ingredients as the endless myriad variations in Creation…Life. The entire physical universe is a vast sea of this Creational [...]

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  • Mehndi Patterns: nice and creative work you have done.can any one here know any mehndi artist which is widely used in [...]
  • Yannick Wijnants: Great work, rainbow-colours, illusions, thoughts, etc. Emotional subjects casted in a rigid form. [...]
  • José: Hi, Simple, creative and effective. Great work. Best regards, José [...]
  • Curious Artist is For Sale! - Curious Artist: [...] Say Hello [...] [...]
  • fan: Hey just so you know the video you posted is actually a remix of the original Pinball songs. You can [...]

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