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“I´ve been drawing since I was little. At school I had notebooks filled with drawings instead of notes. I used to tattoo my buddies with a black ink pen. I used to draw on any kind of surface when I was bored… I believe its what I do best. Its also the best way for [...]


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30 Dec 2006

Founded on the theory that ” if you can’t find it, You make it”, Beautiful/Decay was created to bridge the gap between art and graffiti, underground and mainstream, design and fine art, Punk rock and hip hop, illustration and design, and most importantly high and low art. With a focus on cutting edge work in [...]

Fecal Face

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29 Dec 2006

Fecal Face – Serving the San Francisco art scene since 2000. Check Out: Fecal Face

Matt Furie was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1979. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. He currently lives in San Francisco, California. His dance troupe, “Flavor of the City,” can be seen crashing house parties and events throughout the Bay Area. Check Out: Art by Matt Furie

Check Out: This Machine Kills


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26 Dec 2006

FMCS is part of the FeedMeNetwork of sites. FMCS’s ( otherwise know as sole purpose is to fund interested communities’ need for new online and offline creative endeavors. Within this site you will find a variety of news feeds available from various sources on the cutting edge of social, creative or technological change. Check [...]

Sam Gibbons’ paintings are fascinating renderings of cartoons perversely entwined in spasms of death and candy-colored imitations of sex. Gibbons’ work is a painterly convergence of figuration and abstraction; resembling a Rorschach test, one side of the canvas mirrors the other, lending symmetry and precision to fluid and spontaneous bursts of color and form. Employing [...]

“I discovered Photoshop last year and I’ve been addicted ever since.” – Melanie Delon Check Out: Eskarina Circus – Mélanie Delon

Chris Buzelli was born and raised outside of Chicago and on the waters of Lake Michigan. Chris was influenced by his Grandfather Armondo Buzelli at young age, painting side by side. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Chris moved to New York City to start his career as an illustrator in 1995. His [...]

Sap Green 36″ X36″ encaustic on plexiglass fluorescent backlighting “Through each manifestation of my painting, I have been intrigued by the tension between meaning and abstraction. From my earlier work burying archetypal image or actual language beneath rustic studies of light and shadow to my more recent abstract pieces, I ask my audience to find [...]

Wendy Yoon “Caffeine is good for the body and mind” To celebrate the 1 1/2 year anniversary of Emil Kozak – Barcelona designstudio,designers, friends and visitors of where invited to ‘beautify’ a “blank” mannequin-photo. The “queens” below are the results of the competetors creations. Check Out: 1 1/2 Year anniversary beauty contest

The Tunxion – News Lounge is one more online aggregator which features a select group of the world’s most popular websites alongside some of the most cutting-edge information sites. The Tunxion gives you the power to place 100 of the Web’s best sites into one bookmark. Check Out: The Tunxion – News Lounge

From advertising to editorial, Michael Grecco’s work is continually raising the photographic bar. He is known for dynamic portraiture and capturing the essence of his subjects. Grecco works with an unrivaled technical ability and a rare sensitivity. The image he has created for himself is authentic, composed and always striking. Check Out: Michael Grecco Photography

“My artworks are expressed in emotional, vibrant and expressive portraits.” – Tiffany Beasi Check Out: Tiffany Beasi Art

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  • Yannick Wijnants: Great work, rainbow-colours, illusions, thoughts, etc. Emotional subjects casted in a rigid form. [...]
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  • fan: Hey just so you know the video you posted is actually a remix of the original Pinball songs. You can [...]

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