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Kareem calls Manhattan home and straddles worlds by shooting for a diverse array of clients including Flaunt, Fader, Sony music, GQ, Vibe, Def Jam, People, Teen People, Tokion, Fortune, Revolver, J Records, Elle Girl and Complex among others. Check Out Kareem Black’s Online Portfolio

Even for large firms of architects it is difficult to keep track of the current wealth of materials, furnishings and fittings on the market, not to mention the constant flow of new designs. For private property owners and design enthusiasts it is all the more difficult. Architonic provides the solution to this problem by constantly [...]

Renowned across the galaxy for their inimitable shenanigans, the Kinetic crew is renowned for, among other things, stopping the Vegtanian conspiracy to flood the galaxy with cheap pass-me-down ads, defeating the MOMM Tyranny at the Battle of Targus Minor. And yes, they were responsible for all the interesting bits in the last major redesign of [...]

Artist Marc Burckhardt presents his portfolio of artwork including music icons like Johnny Cash , Hank Williams , John Hiatt , June Carter Cash , Kurt Cobain , Carlos Santana , and Robert Johnson , and art historical imagery. Visit Marc Burckhardt Illustration

At you’ll find: * A steady stream of tips and tools, insightful advice, action plans, and ready-made solutions in every aspect of running a small business, from sales and customer service, to HR, technology, finance, or strategic growth. * Expert columnists and bloggers who will share ideas and insights on how to move your [...]

The Alvin Lustig archive includes over 400 designs from this important Modern American Design Pioneer. Included are books, architecture, interiors, ads, identity and print. Menasco “Power in Motion”, 1942 Visit The Alvin Lustig Archive

Phaidon Press is an international publisher of books on the visual arts with offices in New York, London, Paris and Berlin, and distributors worldwide. It has had a long and fascinating history, as recorded by art historian Nigel Spivey for Phaidon’s 75th anniversary in 1998. Read a brief history here, Nigel’s 75 page version with [...]

The most adventurous issue yet, Stash 18 is an unpredictable selection of international commercial and personal animation, VFX and motion design that defies categories and traditional media boundaries. Also included on the disk is a special BONUS program including all five of the new Panasonic “Capture the Motion” films commissioned for the 2006 Winter Olympics. [...]

Chris Borgman
Chris meets the joie de vivre of’s own, Bridget Deenihan, and together they provide a sharp and witty focus on where his illustrious career has taken him and where it continues to steer him. Coca Cola, Virgin Records, In Style, Oprah and W magazines are a few of the satisfied clientele who have actively sought Chris’s unique eye for photography…Continue

Chas. Porter is president of The Attractive, LLC, a strategic business consultancy specializing in Internet-driven marketing. Since migrating from advertising to the Internet in 1996 , Chas. has created internet-driven marketing campaigns and web sites for clients such as @Home, Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Sherwin Williams. Check Out The Attractive


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20 Oct 2008

twentytwentyone sells furniture, lighting and accessories by inspirational 20th and 21st century designers. The twentytwentyone website has been designed to aid the process of sourcing good design for professional designers specifying for creative commercial interiors, individuals furnishing the home or collectors looking for fine period examples of vintage 20th century furniture. Visit twentytwentyone

Style Wars is the legendary hip-hop documentary and a timeless film classic, the indispensable record of a golden age of youthful creativity and exploding hip hop subculture. Directed by Tony Silver, and produced by Tony Silver and photographer Henry Chalfant, Style Wars was awarded the Grand Prize for Documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival in [...]

Industrial Brand Creative is a boutique creative agency with the vision and experience to compel. Our solutions stand alone – creative, spellbinding and relevant, but different. Industrial Brand Creative produces branding, advertising, communication design, direct marketing and interactive solutions recognized for their success in capturing audiences. From our inception in 1998, it has been our [...]

Joshua Davis is a New York based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. Using technology and computers as a medium since 1995, exhibiting his interactive works at the Tate Modern (London), the Ars Electronica (Austria), the Design Museum (London), le Centre Pompidou (France), the Institute of [...]

DQS Deux Quatre Sept is the design community created by 247 media studios. A forum which has some of the best photoshop, flash and after effects tutorials by professional designers. Visit DQS Deux Quatre Sept Also Check Out 247 Media Studios

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  • Mehndi Patterns: nice and creative work you have done.can any one here know any mehndi artist which is widely used in [...]
  • Yannick Wijnants: Great work, rainbow-colours, illusions, thoughts, etc. Emotional subjects casted in a rigid form. [...]
  • José: Hi, Simple, creative and effective. Great work. Best regards, José [...]
  • Curious Artist is For Sale! - Curious Artist: [...] Say Hello [...] [...]
  • fan: Hey just so you know the video you posted is actually a remix of the original Pinball songs. You can [...]

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