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At PixelPress their intent is to encourage documentary photographers, writers, filmmakers, artists, human rights workers and students to explore the world in ways that take advantage of the new possibilities provided by digital media. We seek a new paradigm of journalism, one that encourages an active dialogue between the author and reader and, also, the [...]


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29 Nov 2008

Zone began his career as a graffiti writer sometime around 1985/86 in the east county of San Diego. He was heavily influenced by San Diego early 80′s legends such as K-Way, Izzy, Daze and Sake’ and also books of the current era such as Hip Hop an Illustrated History and Subway Art. Zone observed the [...]

My artwork is truly spontaneous and unplanned. I trust my instincts and when I want to create something, the image appears. Because most of my work is unplanned, it is difficult to say when it is finished, so I go by feelings and instinct to guide me to a finished product. Since elements of my [...]

Bard’s work has been displayed in numerous globally distributed design books (Die Gestalten Verlag, Index Books, Feierabend Verlag), in exhibitions and festivals in London and Berlin (Pictoplasma Conference, WIWP Unplugged + Remixed), as well as several magazines (Elle, Designflux, Web Designing Japan, Playtimes Magazine), websites and other design related forums. Check Out: HelloBard2

The Designers Mixtape invited designers all over the world to show them their musical taste. Check It Out: The Designers Mixtape

“Having grown up on the West Coast most of my life and coming from a family of uber ‘antique’ collectors and artists, my eclectic upbringing was filled with a wide range of ’Pop’ ephemera. Many of those inspirations now show up in my work and stem from the backdrop of my childhood.” – Brandt Elling [...]

Graffiti Archaeology is a project devoted to the study of graffiti-covered walls as they change over time. The core of the project is a timelapse collage, made of photos of graffiti taken at the same location by many different photographers over a span of several years. Most of the photos are from San Francisco, over [...]

Scott Saw

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23 Nov 2008

Tradition Scott Saw creates vibrant, energetic paintings where dreams and current surroundings cross-pollinate with childhood memories and subconscious interpretations of the afterlife. His work entangles birth, life and death and explores the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds. Saw’s paintings have been regarded as romanticized gothic landscapes of nature, misfits and oddities. Visit Scott [...] is a privately owned search engine for creative commons photos, located in Vancouver, BC. They aim to be a community for designers, photographers and other media types who want better, easier access to multimedia content on the web. Visit

I love old advertising, and am influenced by antiques, lingerie, toys, and good ol’ rock & roll. I started reading and collecting MAD Magazine in the sixth grade. Love the wit and wisdom of Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Jim Henson. I am astounded by Gil Elvgrin, Egon Schiele, Ed Roth, and whoever invented Spongebob Squarepants….. [...]

Kareem BlackCurious Artist rapidly continues to develop into one of the Web’s premier resources for the visual arts community of today and tomorrow. In line with its commitment to providing the most inspiring work out there for curious artists, Kareem Black joins Curious Artist’s Bridget Deenihan for a revealing conversation about travel, celebrities, and an entertaining look at self-definition…Continue

Motionographer (pronounced like “oceanographer”) seeks to be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers by sharing: * outstanding work from studios, freelancers and students * feature stories that give readers a closer look at influential studios and individuals * commentary that sparks discussion or introspection about the creative process * miscellaneous items that [...]


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18 Nov 2008

Mear One has achieved legendary status among the urban/graffiti art circle on an international level. Born in a single parent home in 1971, as Kalen Ockerman in Santa Cruz, California, and educated on the streets of Los Angeles, Mear decided at an early age that he would pursue an artistic path. His mother an artist, [...]

Cuban Council is a small interactive agency which specializes in creating simply superb solutions for web and print and such. Check Out Cuban Council

“I’ve basically got a genuine strong interest in everything visual. I spend my spare time painting, drawing, taking photos and designing digitally. My main focus is graphic design, but the last couple of years my main sources of inspiration have come from the internet, which has opened my eyes to the world of webdesign and [...]

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  • Mehndi Patterns: nice and creative work you have done.can any one here know any mehndi artist which is widely used in [...]
  • Yannick Wijnants: Great work, rainbow-colours, illusions, thoughts, etc. Emotional subjects casted in a rigid form. [...]
  • José: Hi, Simple, creative and effective. Great work. Best regards, José [...]
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  • fan: Hey just so you know the video you posted is actually a remix of the original Pinball songs. You can [...]

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